In recent years, educators, parents, policy-makers and organizations have started the dialogue on the importance of Social-Emotional learning (SEL) as an essential part of human development.  The Empathy Training Program (ETP) prides itself on facilitating access to Social-Emotional learning tools designed for school and community educators including therapists, teachers, community leaders, program directors, activists, and any organization interested in integrating Empathy-Based learning programs.


    In this workshop, explore the basics of providing an SEL focused curriculum and discuss the benefits that a quality Empathy training program can provide to children, their families, and the community. Participants collaborate with other youth-workers to examine different ways to create effective SEL opportunities, and are guided through ETP's research-based approach to building programs that respond to the emotional and social needs of children.

ETP includes workshops and trainings for youth-workers to:

    •    Deepen understanding of the important role that the     development of Empathy plays in the lives of children. 

    •    Expand one’s own social-emotional competency and emotional literacy skills.  

    •    Learn didactic methods for supporting the emotional and social development of children with a focus on self-regulation, communication skills, emotional balance, and the development of Empathy.

 *2-hour workshops take place at your place of business or meeting space and can be adjusted to fit your schedule.  Shorter presentations are also available. For more information visit out "Contact Us" page.